10 Best Zombie Board Games for the Survivors Out There

I am a huge fan of zombies and – just like you, probably – I am 100% confident that I have all that it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse (minus the chainsaw, but I’m working on that too!). But until the zombie apocalypse actually arrives, I say we should prepare and test our strategies by playing some amazing zombie board games. And since you don’t want to play just any game out there, I’ve decided to give them all a try and share with you below the list of the 10 best zombie board games ever.

So if you want to see if you have what it takes to survive the Z invasion or you simply want to have some on-the-couch survival fun with your friends, here are the products you need to get (hopefully, you can handle the drinks without help!)

Last Night On Earth

01 last night on earth

Considered by many the best zombie board game ever, its modular gameplay concept has been copied by other titles out there. However, Last Night on Earth and all its expansions remains up here at the top of any list and a must play no matter if you’re just starting your board game experience or you’re already an experienced player. Games last 60 to 90 minutes and you can play either as the heroes or the bad dead guys, and you will have tons of fun. The artwork, photos and everything else is of great quality and the game itself is highly replayable with basically unlimited scenarios ready to be created. Find out more about the game and / or purchase it here (there’s a 27% discount at the moment of writing this!)

The Walking Dead Board Game

02 the walking dead board game

Many will frown upon seeing this title on the list, but with such a popular TV show backing it up, I think it has earned its place here. As a bonus, you can play as any of the main stars of the series and if you don’t make it, you can still continue playing as a zombie. It’s a quick game (30 – 45 minutes of play time) and can be played by 1 to 4 players. It’s fun overall and not so much based on luck as strategy pays an important role here. Check it out on Amazon and see if it’s the one you’re looking for!


03 zombicide

Another absolutely amazing zombie survival board game that can be played by up to 6 people. It’s duration is based on the board you play (lasts 30 minutes on the beginner’s board and can go for up to 3 hours on the expert board). Zombicide is a collaborative game in which you control one to 4 survivors who keep turning from prey to predator and vice versa. You’ll probably love the comic book style of Zombicide and if you like the game so much, you can purchase some expansions too. Check out the game here, it’s currently running at a 31% discount.


04 zombies

A fun an classic (and really easy to learn) zombie survival game with a high replay value thanks to its “build as you go” board. Playable by up to 6 players, the game challenges you to get to the Helipad alive and be the sole survivor. This means that you don’t only fight against the zombies, but try to pull back the other players as well. True survival I’d say, although it can get pretty annoying if you can’t seem to be able to ever win (my case). Check out the game here, it’s really a classic you must try out!

Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead

05 zombie state

This particular board game comes with a slightly different approach to the zombie genre: you play as the governing body of a country in a zombie infested world and have to research technology to fight the outbreak and try to keep their nation alive together with other nations. Even though there’s not a direct combat element between players/countries (which totally makes sense), you can still direct the zombies towards others and make their lives even more miserable. An interesting take on the genre, overall! Click here for more details.

City of Horror

06 city of horror

A really nice game that involves some social play as well, as there are alliances and telling lies involved. Yes, you might end up betraying your allies to keep your skin intact, and this is where most of the fun of the game comes from. I personally love all the negotiating that takes place during the game and the lies you’ll have to say to keep your character safe – and all the fun and scandal that follows, plus all the “technical” stuff, like the entire art work of the game which is simply phenomenal! Highly recommended game, especially if you’re into games where social interaction pays an important role. Find out more about it here.

Carnival Zombie

07 carnival zombie

A relatively new and insanely addictive game, this is one for those who prefer longer and more strategic games (aka no dice throwing!). The game itself takes place in a zombie infested Venice where you must co-op your way out with the other players, through some really nice game mechanics like the “pile of corpses” that I will unfortunately not spoil for you right away. As I said, this zombie survival board game is on the long side and it can take up to 2 hours to complete, but it’s totally worth playing! So click here to check it out!

Eaten by Zombies!

08 eaten by zombies

A pretty fun and funny quick game (it’s finished in about 20 minutes) that has you playing together with or against other survivors to eventually become the last one standing. Mostly a deck building game with a ton of different cards to choose from, it also allows you to continue the game as a zombie once you (since, yeah, players die a lot in this game). There are also a bunch of expansions already available for it, which make the whole thing even more interesting, so if you’re looking for a quick and fun zombie survival game and if deck building is your thing, then this is the game for you! Check it out over at Amazon.

All Things Zombie

09 all things zombie

Often compared with Zombicide, All Things Zombie is a really fun zombie game that is easy to assemble and relatively quick to play, but can also be turned into a pretty lengthy campaign of zombie killing and completing scenario after scenario. Beautifully drawn maps and cards to explore and use, a tense feeling throughout the game where surprises are waiting at every corner and the option to team up with other survivors are part of the game. A fun game, too! Check it out here.

Dawn of the Zeds

10 dawn of the zeds

At the town of Farmingdale and its surrounding villages, you must coordinate its defenses. Regular citizens may emerge as heroes as you work to halt the Zeds’ advances by (re)killing them, discovering and implementing a cure to this vile scourge, and preserving the area and its inhabitants as much as possible. In addition to this madness, the crazy Doctor Marteuse has been working in the underground tunnels and unleashing his uber-deadly Super Zeds, a nasty bunch of beasts that give havoc a whole new name. Bring him to justice, destroy the infectious Zeds, and save your city from peril! If you can. Find out here.

And these would be our top 10 pics for the best zombie board games out there. Which one is your favorite?

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