10 Celebrity Yearbook Photos that Will Make You Smile

Oh, the celebrities out there – so many people admire and adore them, they look so good and have always been the cream of the crop.

Or not? Well, I’ll let you decide after checking out the yearbook photos of some of the hottest celebrities of the moment – I don’t know what your reaction will be, but they definitely made me smile!

So enjoy these photos and don’t forget to share this article so that more people can check it out!

1. Jay-Z Yearbook Photo

2. Tara Reid Yearbook Photo

3. Sarah Palin Yearbook Photo

4. Marilyn Manson Yearbook Photo

5. Kelly Clarkson Yearbook Photo

6. Katy Perry Yearbook Photo

7. Jennifer Lopes Yearbook Photo

8. Jamie Foxx Yearbook Photo

9. James Hetfield Yearbook Photo

10. Eminem Yearbook Photo

Looks like some of these guys and gals have gone a long way up since their school days, doesn’t it?

There was a joke – which is not meant to offend anyone as it’s just a joke – which said: “You’re not ugly, you’re just too poor to be beautiful”. Well, at least we can be beautiful inside for free!

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