10 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Are Amazingly Delicious

When it comes to having breakfast, considered by many the most important meal of the day, we usually go for cereal or other high sugar snacks that are actually unhealthy and contribute to getting us fat. People say that healthy eating is not delicious and we’re here to prove them wrong with 10 healthy breakfast ideas that are really delicious. They are also quick to make and they look impressive.

Because eating should be more than filling your tummy – it’s about filling it right and with style. So if you agree, or if you are at least a little bit curious, check out our suggestions below and enjoy your new-found pleasure of serving a healthy, delicious breakfast!

1. Egg Muffins

delicious healthy breakfast 01

You can’t prepare something that’s easier to make involving fresh vegetables, sausages and, of course, eggs. The best part? You can go wild and create your own combo. Recipe here.

2. Basic Oatmeal Squares

delicious healthy breakfast 02

Oatmeal might not be one’s favorite food, but if you cook it right, you can have some extremely spectacular results. Check out the recipe here for the oatmeal squares pictured above and you will quickly run out of fingers to lick.

3. Skinny Omelette

delicious healthy breakfast 03

I promise that not all the breakfast ideas here revolve around eggs and how to cook them healthy, but this skinny onlette not only that it’s delicious and healthy, but also looks pretty nice. You have to try it some day, and the recipe is waiting for you on 101 Cookbooks.

4. Muesli Scones

delicious healthy breakfast 04

Gluten free, mouth watering looks and great taste – these are just a few of the key ingredients of this great breakfast or desert idea. For the rest of them and how to prepare this, check out this article.

5. Vanilla-Almond Chia Pudding

delicious healthy breakfast 05

Chia might not be the first ingredient that crosses your mind when it comes to great recipes, but I promise you that you’ll love these seeds more every day. Just start with this insanely quick and delicious recipe and you’ll become a fan!

6. Breakfast Sweet Potato with Quinoa Pumpkin Seed Granola and Almond Butter

delicious healthy breakfast 06

Woa, despite the name of the breakfast idea that actually lists most ingredients and despite the fact that Quinoa can easily join Chia on the list of foods that we don’t normally eat, this is absolutely delicious! It’s actually the first recipe that I tried from all those listed here and the one that served as inspiration for me to create this article. Check it out for yourself over at Hungry Healthy Girl.

7. Two-minute Apple Mug Muffin

delicious healthy breakfast 07

A muffin that you can cook in two minutes? Sign me in, especially since it’s extremely healthy and tasty. Check out the recipe here.

8. 5 Minute No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars

delicious healthy breakfast 08

It’s almost like you can’t have a breakfast ideas list without some peanut butter, and this is the recipe to make sure we don’t skip it. Raw, seedy and extremely nutritious. Quick to prepare and healthy. This one here.

9. Baked Tomato and Egg Cups

delicious healthy breakfast 09

These things look like they could be just as well served during a healthy lunch, but if you really want to go wild and start the day with something different, try out this recipe and you won’t regret anything. Click here to check it out.

10. Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

delicious healthy breakfast 10

Despite the “skinny” in the title, I doubt this would be the perfect option to lose weight, but eaten in moderation it surely is healthy and delicious. Bonus: you can serve this as a desert, if you still have room in your belly after a healthy meal. Click here to see the recipe.

Hopefully, this was as mouth-watering as it was for me to write. I can guarantee personally that these recipes are delicious since I have tried them all and I can also guarantee that you won’t prepare them just once!

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  1. I never watch what I eat until now I’m a mom of two school-age kids, I do want them to have a good start in the morinng. Our schooldays breakfast menus include:- hot steel cut oatmeal w/ flaxseed meal & drizzled w/ raw honey- multigrain toast drizzled w/ raw honey- “made from scratch” blueberries pancake w/ flaxseed meal- 1/2 avocado sprinkled w/ course salt & lime juice- bran flax or plain multigrain cheeriosOne of the above plus the following to complete one breakfast:- 1/2 hard boiled egg- low fat milk- 1 serving of fruitI hope this is a dietician-approved menu but certainly moms-approved :). Keep rotating these every weekdays I do feel like I’m running out of ideas!Enjoy your blog very much, particularly like your portion control. Keep up the good work!


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