10 Things Only iPhone Owners Will Understand

If you own an iPhone, then you certainly experience some struggles that people with other smartphone brands are not experiencing. I know, owning an iPhone also comes with a ton of positive things, but we’re not going to talk about that here. No, instead we’re going to focus on the bad and the ugly.

So, dear iPhone owners, wannabe iPhone owners and even iPhone haters, here are 10 things that only iPhone owners will understand. And it’s not always pleasant. I know you will agree.

1. It costs as much as a new kidney on the black market

01 iphone owners will understand

…well, maybe not exactly, I don’t really know. But new iPhone models are insanely expensive.

2. Yet they have the worst chargers in chargers history

02 iphone charger

Honestly, why don’t they make better chargers? WHY?

3. And the battery life is killing you

03 iphone battery life

You love your apps and games and internetZ, but that drains your phone battery like a sponge in a glass of water. So in most cases, you pay a ton for a phone that’s constantly plugged in.

4. Random and sudden battery drains

04 iphone battery

As if that wasn’t enough, you will have your fair share of moments when the battery will go from 50% to 5% and then your phone will die. For unknown reasons.

5. Damn you, autocucumber!

05 iphone autocorrect

Autocorrect seems to be there only to create awkward moments and funny fails for others to enjoy. Nothing else.

6. You never have enough storage for system updates

06 not enough storafge

Apple seems to know when your device is almost full and that’s the moment when they release a new update. Does anybody have enough space when those are released?

7. Once you go blue, you don’t want green

07 iphone green

iMessages are blue and cool, classic green SMS messages are so outdated and they might cost you money. iPhone only want to see blue.

8. So, what’s iCloud, actually?

08 icloud

Nobody knows that. Legend has it that one has to use it if they want their personal photos leaked to the world.

9. Siri is not your friend

09 siri

Autocorrect’s evil sister, Siri is Silly most of the times. This is how you end up calling your ex Mark instead of your friend Mary and this is how you end up in Africa when you ask for directions to the nearest store.

10. The super-computer

10 iphone games

The iPhone is actually like a super computer from the future and it can do a million things. Despite all these and despite the fact you spent a fortune on it, you still use it mostly for Facebook, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

What other annoying things that only fellow iPhone owners can understand can you add? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to share this article with the world!


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