10 Things You Should Do and Enjoy Alone at Least Once in Your Life

We’re not talking about things you should do when you’re single to improve yourself as a person – we’re talking about true alone time, no matter what your current relationship status is. I know that for some, doing things without the loved one seems pointless and something that would never bring you any joy, but trust me and give it a try. Try at least one of the recommended things below and I promise that you’ll bucketlist the rest!

So, in no particular order, here are 10 things you should do alone at least once in your life. This will actually help you enjoy life more and you’ll feel a lot better!

Go Out and Eat Alone

01 eating alone

Spoil yourself, choose a fancy place, go for an expensive three-courser and enjoy your time there. No smartphones allowed! Relax, maybe read a book that you like or simply enjoy the moments there: people watch, smile and think about your future. It’s not pathetic to eat alone at least once in your life – be brave, do it and enjoy it!

Go shopping in a luxury store

02 shop alone

Put on your best clothes and go shopping in the most extravagant luxury shop that you know. Maybe even try out a few outfits and spend time admiring everything there. But go shopping without any money on you – do it for the experience itself, and not for wasting a ton of money on stuff you don’t actually need anyway!

Go to a concert

03 concert alone

It doesn’t have to be the biggest event of the year: go to a small venue, maybe a concert in a bar, but make sure that you really enjoy the music and you’re there for it only. Don’t try to meet other people, don’t go there to make new friends – go there to enjoy the music all by yourself and maybe a drink or two!

Go see a movie


It’s extremely relaxing to be there at the cinema all by yourself, to process all the information without being influenced by every body else’s opinion and just enjoy the movie. Pro tip: go in the afternoon when the cinema’s not packed and you will really get that “alone” feeling!


05 travel

There’s something uniquely magic about traveling alone. Don’t go on a trek around the world – even someplace near, a place that you’ve never seen before, a place where you can explore is great for traveling alone. Just make sure that it’s safe. You want a pleasant, relaxing experience, not extra stress in your life!

Go watch a game alone

06 game alone

If you have a favorite sport or a favorite team, just go to a sporting event alone. You have no idea how much you actually lose when you’re not alone at such an event and especially how much more intense everything will be if you go alone. Just try it and you’ll love it!

Go to the beach

07 beach alone

Grab a beach towel, a good book and enjoy the nice weather. Go for a swim if and when you feel like, let the sun caress your skin and enjoy the moments alone. You’ll see that it’s even more relaxing than when you’re going with a group.

Hit the amusement park

08 amusement park alone

Going up the ferris wheel or enjoying the scary amusement park rides sounds like something you could only do and enjoy with your group of friends, right? Well, that’s not entirely true: go to an amusement park alone once and enjoy all the things that you want to enjoy. Chicken out where you want to chicken out and do just the things that you really want to do. You will enjoy them more!

Enjoy the silence

09 alone in the park

Go to your favorite park – maybe some place where there’s a fountain or some water nearby, sit on a bench and listen to the silence. Do nothing. Do absolutely nothing but enjoy the silence and those moments when you’re doing nothing. It will recharge your batteries better than anything else in this world!

Sing karaoke

10 singing karaoke

I’ve kept this as my last recommendation because it requires a bit of bravery on your side. But do it to have amazing fun only you will know about: pick up a place that you’ve never visited before and where you won’t be going to anytime soon and sing your heart out to your favorite song in front of complete strangers.

Well… what do you think about my recommendations? Are you going to try and do these things alone?

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