10 Unusual and Funny Uses for Your Notebook / Laptop

I guess I am not the only fellow in this world who has an ancient laptop (they weren’t even called notebooks when I got it!). Fortunately, no matter if you call it a notebook or a laptop, no matter if it’s old or just launched, it can be used for other things rather just the dull ones it has been designed for.

In this article I will share with you 10 unusual and generally funny alternative uses for your notebook. Of course, you are not encouraged to do so unless your laptop is a piece of trash! Or if it’s not your laptop, ha!

Unusual Notebook use 1: table tennis paddle. Don’t expect to become a pro, though!

Unusual Notebook use 2: chair. Shouldn’t be overweight, though…

Unusual Notebook use 3: lamp. For those awkward moments when you have to write using a pen(cil)…

Unusual Notebook use 4: sun screen. Not the cream, but it does a pretty good job.

Unusual Notebook use 5: Draw Circles.

Unusual Notebook use 6: bird house. Green parrot not included.

Unusual Notebook use 7: snow disposal. At your service!

Unusual Notebook use 8: mouse trap. Or something…

Unusual Notebook use 9: great for taking out the trash

Unusual Notebook use 10: nutcracker

Do you know any other unusual uses for the Notebooks?

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