11 Funny and True Things That You Didn’t Know about Parenthood

I am a parent for just two years now, but my hair is whiter, my sanity is going insane and sometimes it feels that counting butterflies on the fields during the summer is a dream activity. Of course, being a parent is much more than going crazy, losing your mind and showing up at work with drawings on your shirt and baby food on your pants.

But we’re not going to talk about that here! We’re going to talk about the crazy and funny things that make parenting… crazy and funny, at least if you manage to take a break and look at it as a whole. It’s not easy – not at all – but in the end, after the years, you will probably look back at these funny (and maybe sometimes sad) but definitely true facts about parenting. Enjoy!

parenting one liners 01

Little Girl Covering Ears

parenting one liners 03

parenting one liners 04

parenting one liners 05

parenting one liners 06

parenting one liners 08

parenting one liners 09

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parenting one liners 11

Do you know a few parents that are having a tough or not so tough time with their kids? Make sure to share these facts with them – and everybody else too!

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