12 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own a German Shepherd Dog

Oh, my! You love German Shepherds? Don’t you know that they are insanely dangerous, difficult to train and probably the worst possible dogs you could ever want to own? Well, that’s something you have certainly heard from mom or dad, from strangers or friends and probably read all about it all over the internet!

You know what? All that you’ve heard about how bad German Shepherds are true and this article is the living proof of that. So make sure that you read it and you share it with all those fools who might think that owning a German Shephard is a good idea. Because it’s NOT, and here is why:

1. German Shepherds are DANGEROUS!

2. Really, they are worse than the devil!

3. They are really dangerous if you have kids

4. They actually eat babies!

5. They don’t like to cuddle

6. They are evil and have scary eyes

7. They destroy all your stuff

8. They never fool around

9. They are really boring

10. They hate other animals, especially cats

11. They don’t get too well with other dogs either

12. You will totally HATE them!

Now the whole world knows everything about the little beasts. Make sure you spread the word and maybe save your friends and family from the horrors of owning such dangerous and completely not fun dogs!

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