15 Funny American Experiences from a Spanish Teacher Living in the US for One Year

America, the land of opportunity. Get there to live the American dream. We’ve all heard all these and, unless you’re already born there, you’re probably putting a visit to the US (or maybe even moving there completely) high on your priority list. However, just like any other country in the world, America is not perfect. And a teacher from Spain who got there to teach for one year managed to capture the ignorance and self centeredness of some of the Americans with some hilarious stories – made even funnier by the fact that they are real and they manage to draw a pretty exact sketch of how many people think like in America and how foreigners are looked at.

This is not an anti-US article. This is a satire, an article for people with a sense of humor, smart people who don’t get easily offended, because there’s no reason to be offended. This is an article for the Everything Mixed readers, who are certainly the smartest in the world!

So here are the 15 funny American experiences from a Spanish teacher living for one year in the US:

1. How much is 10 Euro in REAL Money?

funny experiences 03

2. And it all started with a Big Bang. Bang!

funny experiences 02

3. Ah, you European copycats!

funny experiences 01

4. That Spanish guy in the Gladiator

funny experiences 04

5. Let the anti- and pro- vaccination battles begin!

funny experiences 05

6. Europeans can breathe under water, too

funny experiences 06

7. Not that kind of Spanish…

funny experiences 07

8. Spelling and pronunciation

funny experiences 08

9. You liar!

funny experiences 09

10. It’s like living in the jungle sometimes

funny experiences 10

11. You bad boy, you!

funny experiences 11

12. Money solves all problems

funny experiences 12

13. Nobody earns more than the Americans

funny experiences 13

14. Not that kind of Spanish guy

funny experiences 14

15. Why would you do that?

funny experiences 15

In the end, the teacher who liven in the US for one year and shared these funny experiences, said: “I spent a wonderful year in the US as a visiting teacher. I made great friends from all nationalities and it was a life changing experience. I also met the most intelligent, cultured and enlightened people ever, who happened to be Americans. Someone asked me to share some of the experiences and here they are. They are funny stories and I hope that you can tell that they are told in good faith. I loved the US and the people I met there. This is not meant to chastise the US or its education system, people say the same things in my country. Or worse.”

[source: Imgur]

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