15 Hilarious Life Lessons We Learned from the Friends TV Show

I was and still am a huge Friends fan and I believe that it will stay in the Top 10 funniest TV shows ever for a loooong time. What makes it so amazing is that, despite it’s age (the show premiered in 1994!) it’s still insanely actual and its evergreenness (if there’s anything like that) is what makes it so amazing.

As a proof that Friends still has it, 21 years after its launch, I have collected a bunch of hilarious life lessons that we learned while watching the show. There are a lot more, but these are certainly some of my favorite and I am sure they’ll become your favorite too if they’re not already there!

1. Fire always wins when you play rock, paper, scissors

01 fire rock paper scissors

2. Your Adams’ apple is not individually named

02 friends life lessons

3. Being a grown-up is not what society thinks it is

03 friends life lessons

4. You shouldn’t be afraid to express your true feelings

04 friends life lessons

5. Being on a break is NOT the same as breaking up

05 friends life lessons

6. Men and women are all alike… kind of

06 friends life lessons

7. Always finish your cake

07 friends life lessons

8. Don’t count Mississippi seconds when going to get fake tan

08 friends life lessons

9. You can’t just quit the gym!

09 friends life lessos

10. You’re means you are. Really!

10 friends life lessons

11. Turning 30 is not the end of the world

11 friends life lessons

12. Your job is not the most important thing in life

12 friends life lessons

For those who forgot, it’s the scene where Rachel decides to get back to Ross instead of following her dream job to Paris… without him.

13. It’s all about that bass. Wait.. what?

13 friends life lessons

14. Always find time to enjoy the little things in life

14 little things in life

15. Lobsters mate for life

15 friends life lessons

An amazing show, indeed! Don’t forget to share this with your friends so that they too can remember these hilarious life lessons from one of the best TV Shows of all times!

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