15 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedy Quotes

I always wanted to be a stand up comedian, but unfortunately for me I don’t have the one liners. The funny stories. The smart observations. I actually suck at telling jokes to, so I would’ve been a real mess of a stand-up comedian. Fortunately, there are so many great ones out there that you won’t really miss one.

And from them I have collected 15 hilarious quotes and I’m sharing them with you below. Prepare to start laughing (so, in way, I will make you laugh, yay!)

stand up 01

stand up 02

stand up 03

stand up 04

stand up 05

stand up 06

stand up 07

stand up 08

stand up 09

stand up 10

stand up 11

stand up 12

stand up 13

stand up 14

stand up 15

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