2 Year Old Indonesian Smoking Cigarette

2-year-old-smokingThere has a recent upload in YouTube where you would find cool (for non-parents) and very disturbing (for those who already have kids). One video shows how a 2-year old boy from Indonesia smokes cigarette.

According to the mom of this chain smoker toddler, her 2-year old toddler throws intense tantrums whenever she tries to stop him from smoking cigarettes.

What a great start to show your child how to discipline, huh? Let the kid just smoke cigars just because you don’t want him to throw his tantrums?

We all know the dangers of cigarettes in one’s body, more so on a 2-year old chain smoker who can finish 2 packs a day. But if you would ask the dad, he would just argue with you saying that there is NOTHING WRONG with his kid!

Other than that, since the 2-year old chain smoker is probably fatter compared to the other kids his age, the father believes that his son is still healthy. It is said that it was the father who introduced this to the 2-year old smoker and already let him have a taste of cigar when he was only 18 months old.

Look Daddy! I’m a Pro!

You can view the said video at Youtube (click here)

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