20 Hilarious Yahoo Answers Questions that Will Make You Rotfl

Do people still use the “rotfl” acronym? Well, I don’t know, but I certainly felt that it really suits this article that shows some extremely funny questions that have been asked on Yahoo Answers. Maybe we should even get worried because of some of the questions below and hope that the world won’t turn into the movie Idiocracy as many people predict it will – and as some of these answers might have us believe.

So even though Yahoo Answers is a place where you will usually get a lot of useful information, sometimes things go the wrong way and the results are hilarious. Here are 20 examples of questions asked there that might even have you lose all your faith in humanity…

1. If you think you’re poor, think again…

yahoo answers 01

2. It’s the answer that rules!

yahoo answers 02

3. The mailman knows!

yahoo answers 03

4. Adonis meets Narcissus

yahoo answers 04

5. Superhero mode activate: Hamburglar!

yahoo answers 05

6. Don’t trust the microwave!

yahoo answers 06

7. Oh. My. God.

yahoo answers 07

8. Only if you wear the right glasses…

yahoo answers 08

9. The best kept secret in the diet world

yahoo answers 09

10. Sometimes you gotta start over

yahoo answers 10

11. I’m your biggest fan. Love, Stan.

yahoo answers 11

12. When your race is no longer satisfying

yahoo answers 12

13. How to offend a little person in 1, 2…

yahoo answers 13

14. And rain is actually alien blood?

yahoo answers 14

15. They might have dogs. And fish.

yahoo answers 15

16. You can’t even trust your mum nowadays

yahoo answers 16


17. Call 911

yahoo answers 17

18. Valid question. Poor scriptwriting

yahoo answers 18

19. You broke your cat!

yahoo answers 19

20. Are people who fail to die still alive?

yahoo answers 20That was insanely funny! If this made you laugh, don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family so that they can too have a good laugh!


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