24 Funny Demotivational Posters

We all love the motivation that some quotes, characters and even images give us. But then again, there are the demotivational images like the ones below that wake us up and tell us that things are not really as unicorny-pinkish as we’d like them to be.

And if you have a sense of humor, you can really take the best out of these demotivational posters. And I’m sure you will.

So let’s check out below 24 funny and sometimes creepy demotivational posters!

demotivational 01

demotivational 02

demotivational 03

demotivational 04

demotivational 05

demotivational 06

demotivational 07

demotivational 09

demotivational 10

demotivational 11

demotivational 12

demotivational 13

demotivational 14

demotivational 15

demotivational 16

demotivational 17

demotivational 18

demotivational 20

demotivational 21

demotivational 22

demotivational 23

demotivational 24

Do you like these demotivational posters? Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends and enemies (and even aliens, if you know them)