5 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Less Than $100

Bluetooth headphones are becoming more common and you can now find a pair that is both affordable and offers food sound quality. Here are the best 5 bluetooth headphones under 100 dollars (please note: the prices were accurate at the moment of writing this article. Check prices yourself to see the actual values.)

Skullcandy Grind Wireless

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Design: these wireless headphones are stylish and you can get up to 6 options, each with a striking look. It features on-ear design which provides a secure and comfortable fit because of the generous padding of the ear buds. Each earcup has a 40 millimeter drive. The right earpiece has three buttons that control the volume, calls, and playback. The audio and charging cable and the microphone connections are found on the right earcup as well.

The volume buttons are also used to track navigation which can lead to misfires. Moreover, the headphones cannot be adjusted and they do not come with a pouch which makes carrying them tricky.

When the audio cable is connected, the headphones automatically shift to passive listening. The headphones are also lightweight and the battery life can last up to 12 hours depending on your volume level.

These headphones will stop working if your device is out of range or if it is not connected to Bluetooth.

Bass performance: the bass performance at high volumes is not distorted and at moderate volume, it is well balanced.

The cons
-Few accessories

JBL Synchros E40BT

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Design: these on-ear headphones have padded earcups with a silky material for added comfort. These headphones feature a simple design with only a few design touches. You can also find a range of colors such as black and silver, red, purple and black, and white and gray.

Additionally, they feature a hinge meaning that they can fold at the earcups for easy carrying and storage. However, they cannot be adjusted for a less snug fit. Therefore, it can be a bit uncomfortable when used for long durations. The headphones also appear to be made of cheap materials where the earcups connect to the headband. It almost feels like you could break it easily.

Audio quality: these simple affordable headphones feature above average sound quality although the bass is not as good. Additionally, this pair of headphones can be really loud so you have to make sure that it is not too loud to distract those near you.

The mic performs really well that someone on the other end of a call would not suspect that you were using headphones.

Controls: the controls are found on the right earcup. You can control volume, track navigation, and take calls. There is also a ShareMe button that allows you to share audio signal with another JBL headset.

Battery life: this pair of headphones has a great battery life of 16 hours or 24 hours of talk time. The long battery life is due to the fact that the headphones will turn off when idle.

Charging is done via a USB cable. It takes 3 hours for the headphones to be fully charged. The same port can be used with an audio cable in case your battery dies down.

The cons
-Non-adjustable headband

Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

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Design: this pair of headphones has a simple design. It is available in black, red, and blue. The headband is thin with a stainless frame that makes it strong and flexible. The headband is also padded for comfort when placed at the base of the skull. Additionally, the earcups have foam padding for comfort. The headphones are also lightweight and you can listen to music for as long as 3 hours with no comfort issues since the headband is adjustable.

Controls: the right earcup has a USB port for charging and a Bluetooth mode switch. It also has an LED light that shows whether the headset is charging or in Bluetooth mode. The left earcup has a button for taking calls and controlling the music. It also has a 3.5 millimeter port for connecting to an audio cable

Battery life: this pair of headphones has 8 hours battery life when listening and 12 days when on standby.

Bluetooth range: it features 4.0 Bluetooth which has an impressive range of up to 20 meters.

Audio quality: these headphones feature a strong bass which is not distorted at high volume.

SOL Republic Tracks Air

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Design: these on-ear headphones come with large earpads for comfort. You can find a variety of colors to fit your style. The headband is made of glossy plastic.

Controls: the right earcup has a volume control, and the pairing/power button, and a button for taking calls and playing back. It also has a USB charging port. Every ear cup also has a port for connecting an audio cable.

Battery life: this pair of headphones has a battery life of 15 hours. There is also a voice that tells you how much charge is remaining each time you power up.

Audio quality: the bass sound does not distort at high volume.

Bluetooth range: the headphones can pair at a maximum of 150 feet. The wireless range offers clear and loud audio quality.

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphones

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Design: the earpads are well padded for comfort. The headphones come in gold, silver, or gray. It also comes with an audio and charging cable.

Controls: the left earcup has the volume and Bluetooth controls. Each control has double functions.

Battery life: the battery can last up to 18 hours.

Sound quality: bass is above average which does not distort at high volume

The cons
– The headphones do not automatically switch to passive listening.

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