56 Things that Only the Kids of the 90s Remember

Are there any 90s kids out there or I am the only fossil left in this world? My guess is that, fortunately, I am not the only one and, even better, not the only one fondly remembering the amazing days of the 90s.

You know, those times when we used to play outside with real friends, when the Internet was just starting to get a shape, and when we used to spend an entire day waiting for the radio to play our favorite song. So we can record it… on a tape!

Those were some pretty amazing times and for those who feel the 90s nostalgia, just like I do, I have prepared an EPIC LIST of 56 things that only the kids of the 90s remember. Check them out below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Now let the nostalgia set in!

1. The text messages of the 90s

01 paper notes

2. The cassette tape

02 casette

3. The perfect player for your mixtapes

03 boombox

4. The way to listen to music on the go


5. Tamagotchi

05 tamagotchi

6. The portable gaming device of a generation

06 gameboy

7. This sound that you heard EVERY time before going online

8. The insanely delicious Surge Soda

08 surge soda

9. This waiting screen:

09 aol screen

10. And your AOL profile

10 aol profile

11. The REAL 90210

11 90210

12. The Fresh Prince

12 fresh prince

13. This theme song:

14. And THIS theme song:

15. Balancing birds:

15 balancing bird

16. Boy Meets World

16. boy meets world

17. The most difficult game in the world (eat this, Flappy Bird!)

17 waterful ring toss

18. Or THIS impossible game:

18 more rings

19. Movies on a TAPE:

19 videotape

20. Steve Urkel

20 steve urkel

21. And Screech

21 screech

22. This perfect team:

22 animals

23. This amazing cereal box prize

23 cereal box prizes

24. Mr Feeny

24 mr feeny

25. Best thing in gym class (until you ran it over you fingers)

25 gym toy

26. The right way to end a sentence…. NOT

26 proper way

27. Street Sharks

27 street sharks

28. Or these amazing teenage mutant ninja turtles

28. tmnt

29. You’re still afraid of the dark…

29 afraid of the dark

30. Jumanji

30 jumanji

31. The choker necklace

31 choker necklace

32. The ring pops

32 ring pops

33. And the slinky

33 slinky

34. Hit Clips

34 hit clips

35. Sticky Hands

35 sticky hands

36. A refreshing sip of Sprite Remix

36 sprite remix

37. How to manually rewind a tape

37 how to rewind a tape

38. How to drink a Squeezit

38 squeezit

39. Backstreet Boys

39 backstreet boys

40. Nsync

40 nsync

41. The young Britney Spears

41 britney

42. Slap Bracelets

42 slap bracelets

43. The cute but scary Treasure Trolls

43 treasure trolls

44. Beanie Babies


45. These fellows:

45 power rangers

46. “Go, Planet!”

46 captain plant

47. The jellies

47 jellies

48. The inflatable furniture

48 inflatable furniture

49. These nice ladies:

49 spice girls

50. Boys hving a crush on Kelly

50 crush on kelly

51. And girls having a crush on Zack

51 crush on zack

52. This thing that would make Jamie Oliver mad

52 easy bake oven

53. The talkboy

53 talkboy

54. The Poo-Chi

54 poo chi

55. This phone

55 phone

56. Or this Mobile phone

56 phone

These things on the list are not all invented in the 90s or “90s exclusives” but it was the 90s that made them popular to US, the kids of the 90s!

Do you remember anything else? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to like & share with all the other kids of the 90s out there, and your kids too so that they start to know the things that matter!

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