7 Secret And Funny Things that All Ladies Do, but Won’t Tell

Yesterday, we talked about 7 funny secret things all men do and today we have an answer for and from the fellow ladies, via Ailin from Makeup & Wardrobe. Apparently, all women have secrets – just like all men do – and they would’ve preferred to keep them secret, but there’s no such thing in today’s world.

I had a great time reading them – and I certainly smiled finding out everything about these well-kept secrets of the ladies, so let’s not waste any time and share it with the world. Here are the seven secret and funny things that all ladies do – but never talk about:

1. Bra-stuffing

And we’re not talking about stuffing things to make ’em look bigger. No, it’s the bra that becomes the personal intimate purse of any lady out there who wants to store something safely. And if that makes ’em look bigger, it’s even better!

2. De-wedgieing

If guys have the repositioning, we have something similar too. Because a string acting as an underwear is not always the best choice and clearly not the most comfortable. So we have to de-wedgie every now and then and we’ve become masters at doing it without being spotted.

3. The tampon secrecy

You never see a lady’s tampon unless you’re married with her for 25 years and she doesn’t really care anymore (but even then, you still might not know that these items exist). Women are experts when it comes to hiding the tampons and you’ll never know that they exist, they are being used or thrown away. Now if we could hold our temper just as masterfully during the time, it would be perfect!

4. Dress up to stay in

Ladies love to be pretty and all the tons of make-up, mascara, lipstick and everything else that men have no idea how to use are not there just for you guys to enjoy. We love to dress up, look beautiful and simply spend the night in. Because nothing beats feeling amazing when you look in the mirror.

5. The bag-method

A lady’s bag is not just the place where she holds half of her belongings and a couple packets of sugar she stole from a restaurant. No, it’s also a perfect defensive weapon for avoiding unwanted conversations: they just pretend that they’re looking for something inside their bag and nobody will interrupt.

6. Boob adjustments

Yup, that’s true. We get the chance to touch them whenever we want, however we want. But it’s not always like in the fantasies of men – we usually do it to adjust them and make sure that they’re even and looking their best.

7. The poopcalypse

One of the biggest and best kept secrets in this world is that ladies actually do poop. And when there’s nobody around, we love it to let one go like the poopcalypse: things are getting loud and stinky whenever we get the chance. And, God, it feels soo good!

And a bonus: friendzoning. Oh, wait! Everybody knows about that already. Sorry, guys!

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