9 Special Kissing Types You Should Try Right Now! (Inspired from the Movies)

No matter if you are just starting a new relationship or you’re married for 10 years or more, no matter if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you simply have to try out the following kissing types and enjoy them together with your loved one, experience the thrills and the passion, revive long gone sparks or intensify the already burning ones.

And we’re not going to get you through the regular styles that everybody recommends (and everybody knows already).

No, instead we’re going to share with you some really special kissing styles and types that will surprise your partner in a good way.

It is indeed difficult to find the perfect spot, mood and way of achieving some of these kisses, but at least you know now about them, so you just have to make them happen. And it’s totally worth it!

So below are the nine hot kissing types you should try right now to feel that you’re really living and loving at full speed an intensity!

These are all inspired by the movies – the best kisses from movies, actually – so you know you’re going to score big on impression points this way!

The “Classic” kiss


I don’t think that there are many people nowadays who remember the classic movie Casablanca… but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go old school, yet still cool and impress your partner with a Casablanca-style kiss.

It is one filled with drama and passion, romance and style at the same time. But it’s not just about the kiss itself, it’s about the right mood, the right time (sometime during the evening for sure) and even the right clothes.

You need to be wearing elegant clothes, an expensive perfume and feel retro. Go into a square with pigeons or an impressive, antique fountain or simply prepare to wave a handkerchief to a train, before he or she leaves for a longer period of time.

Because the classic kiss is all about the style and setting and everything around you and inside you matters. This is what makes it such an impressive kiss!

Kissing in the rain


Oh, my! Probably one of the most intense experiences, one of the most sublime and fascinating kissing types, a fantasy for most of the girls, a means to simply connect with your other half.

Magical and irresistible, these kisses during a hot summer shower almost make you feel the sweet music in the air.

It’s just a whole new level of intimacy, with the rain caressing your body, with your loved one close to you… with everything perfect, despite the imperfection of the weather itself.

Just remember the kiss from The Notebook (pictured above and WATCH the movie if you haven’t done so already) and you’ll know what you’ll have to do!

The kiss of betrayal


Although it doesn’t have to be genuine, the kiss of betrayal can also be intense and fascinating, especially since it allows you to feel like you’re waving goodbye to your loved one to see the mistress.

It’s the last kiss, it’s the final thing you’re doing, and you’ll go away to find somebody else. This is the kiss of no return, mischievous and modern, the kiss that could always be the last one.

Can’t figure out what I’m talking about? It’s Alfie’s kiss in the movie with the same name, as soon as he falls in love with Sienna Miller, just to cheat on her in the next moment.

It’s the modern kiss, where boundaries are no longer set in stone, but where passion and living the moment are all that matters.

The farewell kiss


For some reason, you can no longer be together. Ever. Just think at that and imagine how would you kiss your soulmate knowing that it’s the last time you kiss them.

The last time you touch them, feel them, smell their breath, taste their skin. It’s painful, it’s sad, but it’s as intense as a kiss can get.

Just remember the classic kiss between Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) in The Titanic… and you will know what I’m talking about. And yes, in my case, just thinking about this gives me goosebumps!

The “Welcome back” kiss


As painful as a kiss of betrayal (or, even worse, a real farewell kiss) can be, as sweet is the “welcome back” kiss.

It’s a loooong kiss in which the couple regains consciousness, remembers how it all felt like, explores the other person’s soul and body for real. It is the type of kiss that you were just waiting for – and did so for such a long time.

It’s a kiss that you don’t want to put to an end, it’s an embrace so tight that it starts to hurt, it’s the joy itself… the joy of being near the person you love the most in this world.

The Welcome back kiss is the kiss George gives Maria in It’s a wonderful life. The resurrection of love!

The forbidden kiss


It’s that kiss that should never happen, it’s that kiss between two people who love each other but due to various reasons, will never be able to be together. (remember: we’re roleplaying here, don’t think of anything stupid!)

It’s the first and the last kiss, it’s the one and only, and it has to be magical and breathtaking. It will be quick and intense and it will never be forgotten.

It’s that kiss at the end of summer break, the one you’ve hoped to experience the entire summer, and it happens right before your and your partner’s roads go their different directions.

Imagine the Brokeback Mountain kiss between Ennis and Jack and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The superhero kiss


Even though real just in the comic books, superheroes can inspire people for more than just doing good deeds.

Do you remember the amazing kiss in the first, now classic, Spiderman movie? Half blindfolded, upside down, but so intense and nice that you simply can’t believe it.

Because, yes, if sometimes you decide to go against all the rules and kiss like nobody has ever kissed before, you’ll get a more rewarding experience than following the rules!

What is love, in the end, if not the road to experimenting new things and learning new things? So go ahead and give your best shot. Innovate! Be your own superhero!

The cartoon kiss


OK, cartoons and kissing don’t seem to have much in common, but if we are to read once more about the superhero kiss, we’ll see some connections…

Because it is, once again, a different kiss than what she or he is used with: it’s sloppy and funny, it’s playful and goofy, it’s young and rejuvenating.

Just make sure you’re not exaggerating things this time: no face licking or such, OK? We’re not in the cartoons, after all and you don’t want to ruin the moment!

The first kiss

09First Kiss

A truly memorable kiss, not because it’s awesome (actually, usually it’s the other time around), but because it’s the first one.

The movies are filled with such examples in which simple, short and apparently “boring” kisses are turned into magical moments just because they’re the first kiss.

So let yourself carried away, let your imagination fly and imagine that the next kiss you’ll give him or her is your first kiss ever. Prepare to feel the butterflies once more!

If you’re more of a visual type, and you want some extra variety (although maybe not as much as the recommendations above), you can also check out this cute video detailing 20 different kissing styles that you can try. I still prefer the ones above though.

And this would be it: you now have 9 amazing kissing types that you can try out next time when you meet your partner or whenever the timing is right.

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