Act Like It’s Friday, Friday : Rebecca Black Launches New Music Video

Do you remember Rebecca Black? She was all the rage a few years ago when her first music video, Friday, got so many dislikes on YouTube that it almost got Justin Bieber worried that his equally hated song Baby (featuring Ludacris) might be taken off the radar by Rebecca Black’s song. Well, it didn’t happen, and even though Rebecca’s song has close to 100 million views, it’s not really the publicity you need.

Or is it?

Well, it doesn’t really matter – the truth is that Rebecca Black didn’t give up on her dream to become a real singer whose songs are appreciated by the world and today, five years after the semi-flop that was Friday, she launched a new music video. The Great Divide is the name of the song which shows us that the girl has grown a bit (and still looks the same, somehow) but fortunately her music evolved to a new level. Check out Rebecca Black – The Great Divide below:

Haters gonna hate no matter what, but so far they don’t. With over 300,000 views on YouTube at the moment of writing this, the video has just 575 dislikes and a whooping 20,000 likes, which means that she might have finally gotten it right.

Personally, I think that she has potential. It’s clearly an evolution from Friday – a song which, for some strange reason, got a lot more attention that it deserved since it was mostly forgettable and nothing else. Either way, the girl did show a lot of strenght and determination to keep on doing what she loves despite what many others said and now she proves that she can, indeed, compete with the top stars out there.

Even though The Great Divide is not memorable by any means and will certainly not make it on any “Best of 2016” lists, it is a good, catchy song that you can enjoy if you’re in a good mood.

But that’s my opinion. What is yours? Do you like Rebecca Black’s new video? Do you think she should indeed be congratulated for her continued fight to make her dream come true?

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