Beautiful Megan Fox Has Toe Thumb

megan-fox-toe-thumbEven the most beautiful people in the world have their share of looks-related “problems”. Take Megan Fox, the beautiful Transformers star who has a “toe thumb”, as you can see in the picture to the left (got from The Wrestling Fan).

Of course, even though a bit disturbing and obviously uneasy, Megan Fox seems not to care about her toe thumb and I believe that’s the best thing to do: after all, she is beautiful enough for people to look at other parts of her body instead of her thumbs.

And, after all, she’s been on the screen for so long and we didn’t know until now about Megan’s toe thumb, which really proves that it’s not a problem. So yes, I will still consider Megan Fox one of the best looking girls on the planet.

What do you say? Do you agree with me that this minor problem that the star has does not affect her overall image? Do you still consider her beautiful even after this “revelation”?

(Because I must admit that after seeing this, you can’t unsee it and you’ll even notice her toe thumb in her movies as well. Nobody’s perfect, folks!)

One thought on “Beautiful Megan Fox Has Toe Thumb

  1. Heather

    its called brachydactyly type D…I have it as well. lots of people due, though very uncommon. Ive been embarrassed of it and always try to avoid photographing my left hand because of it.


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