Best MTO Graffiti (Photos)

MTO is a street artist that focuses on creating graffiti of celebrities using only spray cans and his talent. And although there are many people who consider this kind of behavior illegal, artists like MTO can make you change your mind and this is the exact reason why I have decided to go through his work and share with you some of the best MTO graffiti.

Really now, all the paintings that you are going to see below are made with spray only and they haven’t been post-processed. This is how they look like in real life, which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Now check out the street art photos below and droll:



Jimi Hendrix remastered by MTO

RUN SRQ : BERLIN hits Sarasota, Florida.


"Heeere's Kreuzberg" 2010 REMASTERED

Taxi Driver

"Hey teachers ! Leave the kids alone!"

Cidade de deus

Fear & loathing in Las Vegas

Fred ILLE : "Catch me if you can."

Gwen VILAINE : "Death becomes her"

RUN SRQ : BERLIN hits Sarasota, Florida.

What do you say now? Still think that graffiti is bad taste? And don’t forget to check out this Flickr page for even more!

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