Best Tip for Good Drinks: “I’m F***ed Up, Thank You!”

Well, there are some pubs where you get the best drinks and that makes you extremely happy. And when you are happy, you are generous, as this guy whose great tip we’re checking out below: after spending $30.91 on drinks – VERY high quality drinks, apparently – this guy decided to leave a $100 tip. Which turned out to be a $101 tip because when you’re drunk math is difficult.

The guy also wrote a thank you note to go hand in had with the tip which read: “I’m f***ed up! Thank You!” Check out the photo to see for yourself:

Now I am really curious what pub or restaurant or whatever was that and I want to visit. With cash only – $50 maximum, just to be sure!


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  1. it clearly says 1.00 tip with the original decimal sloppily placed in the first 0 the guy has then added an extra .00 on the end so it looks like 100.00 and added a 1 to the total. so the guy didn’t get it wrong. the tip should have been 31.91

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