Bizarre Marzipan Cakes You Would Never Eat

I’ve seen, in my life, a lot of great looking cakes which where both innovative and original, but I must admit that I have never seen such cake designs like the ones I’m going to share with you: the marzipan cakes below present human anatomy in an edible fashion – that if anybody can even consider eating something that looks like this.

Either way, German artist Helga Petrau-Heinzel created some intentionally disgustingly looking marzipan cakes and shared them on her website. Sorry, cannibals, there’s no information related to actually purchasing these anatomy cakes – but you can check them out below:

Bizarre Marzipan Cake 1

Bizarre Marzipan Cake 2

Bizarre Marzipan Cake 3

Bizarre Marzipan Cake 4

Bizzare Marzipan Cake 5

You can find even more bizarre marzipan cakes over at Helga’s website. Would you eat something like that if you weren’t blindfolded?


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