Black Friday 2014: Kindle Prices Greatly Reduced by Amazon

Amazon has already started to roll out the Black Friday 2014 discounts and super offers and one of the best that we’ve seen so far is for its Kindle range of products, all of them available right now for some really amazing discounts. So if you’ve been waiting for a better time to purchase a Kindle eBook reader, or you want to buy a great gift for someone, now is the perfect time as all Kindle models sold by Amazon are available for amazing prices for this Black Friday!

For example, you can go with the basic Kindle model which now sells for just $49 (compared to the regular $79 price). I own the basic Kindle for a few years now and I can guarantee that it’s a great gadget and for this price, you simply can’t get anything better. So if you’re just making your way to Amazon’s Kindle devices and you don’t have a lot of cash to splash, the basic Kindle model is still a great choice. Click here for the Black Friday 2014 offer!

The Kindle Reader
The Kindle Reader

However, you can obviously go for more features and improved products and opt for the other Kindle models: they’re all available at great discounts and you can check out the details in our article, continued below:

Kindle Paperwhite sells for $99, offering a $20 discount. If you have the money to purchase it, that’s the reader I’d suggest you get because of the new paperwhite screen which looks a lot more like the regular paper we’re used to read from and you can also read it during the night, with the lights off, which is something you can’t do with the regular Kindle reader. And even though the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite uses LED lights, they won’t tire your eyes as tablets do, for example, since the light is not directed to your eyes. In other words, the Kindle Paperwhite is a really good choice for $99 – click here to check it out!

Kindle Voyage, the latest Kindle reader from Amazon, is available for a whooping $199, a price tag that can’t be compared with that of the other products and personally I wouldn’t go for it.

However, if you really want the latest in terms of reading technology, the Kindle Voyage has it all, with a 300 ppi display that looks even more like the regular books, adaptive front light that automatically adjusts based on the time of the day and much more. It’s also the thinnest Kindle model, if that matters. You can check it out here.

Either way, it’s pretty clear that if you want a Kindle (or a new one), taking advantage of these limited time offers is exactly what you need to do. I mean, it’s not too often that you get the chance to purchase a Kindle reader for just $49. Thank God for Black Friday, right?

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