Bloglines Is Down Today, September 10, 2014

I am a bit scared right now as my feed reading service, Bloglines, is down today and hasn’t worked all day. I did try to find information on the internet on why is Bloglines down and when would it be back up, but for now I got nothing but worries that the service might have shut down without a prior announcement and I have lost all the dear feeds to the blogs that I frequently visit.

Ever since Google has decided to close down their feed reading service, Google Reader, I moved – alongside other people – to the Bloglines service which has been reliable ever since, with no hiccups or problems.

bloglines down september 9

However, in the past, Bloglines was about to close on a couple of occasions, but just made it out alive. It seemed that the closure of Google Reader was what the service needed to get an extra boost of vitality, but I am worried that might have changed as of today, September 10, 2014, when Bloglines is down since early in the morning.

The strangest thing for me is that the internet is completely silent on this as if nothing had happened. For a second, I joked that I might have been the only Bloglines user left, but I am sure that is not the case.

So hopefully things will change in the near future, as I will clearly miss Bloglines as my favorite RSS feed reader. Even more, I would miss all the subscriptions that I have made and I am sure they wouldn’t just shut down without a prior announcement.

What about you? Are you using Bloglines and are wondering why is it down today? Have you managed to access it today? Maybe together we can find the answer to this question…

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  1. dito – i’ve been searching the intenet for two days on information about the downtime and can’t find anything. i thought maybe they’d at least tell us something on their twitter, but no…i don’t know if it’s time to panic and move on and hope i can scrap together as many subscriptions again as i can or wait it out.

  2. I am in the same situation. It is not the first time bloglines not available, I hope, the owners will fix it or continue the service. Anyway, if it will back, I will save my datasjust in case and begin to use an alternative for bad times. If nothing will hapened, I try to recollect the sites I followed :P

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