Braille E-Book Reader Concept Is Cool!

braille-ebook-eapIt might not be long until the visually impaired will be able to use an e-Book reader, due to the work of four designers, Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo & Jin-Sun Park who have created a concept for the Braille E-Book or EAP.

The gadget is planned to have implemented a technology that allows the surface pattern of the screen to be changed using electromagnetic signals, signals that will simulate Braille text.

The advantages brought by the EAP (or the Braille E-Book reader) are huge: first of all, its size is smaller than that of an usual Braille book (which can be twice the size of the normal print) and second – it would offer access to those who have a very low or no vision at all to a lot of books and interesting e-Books that are not translated in Braille yet.

However, since the EAP is still a concept, there are no details regarding the gadget’s price or when should we expect to see it mass produced. Let’s hope for the best, though.


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