Bruce Jenner Before & After Plastic Surgery: The Same

Usually, plastic surgeries are made to make us look better, other times they fail and you become subject of the worst plastic surgeries ever, and in Bruce Jenner’s case it seems that plastic surgery do absolutely nothing.

And if it weren’t for Kim Kardashian, Bruce’s stepdaughter, I doubt we would’ve ever known he had such a plastic surgery.

But he did! According to Kim  Kardashian, Bruce Jenner had a facelift and nose job done a few years ago, but that didn’t go as planned. Now he had a new plastic surgery to correct the wrongs done a few years ago but, from his “before and after” looks, we can say that it was yet another failure, since he looks identically the same.

Even Kim admitted that “You can hardly tell he had anything done”. That’s true!

However, it’s good to see that he feels better with himself. There are people who really need such surgeries and can’t really complain of the results, but that’s life! Now watch the images in the upper left corner to see Bruce Jenner before and after the plastic surgery and tell us if you see any difference.

3 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Before & After Plastic Surgery: The Same”

  1. I completely see a difference. Especially around his neck. I think he looks great!!!!! I also see a difference in his forehead. Like he said on the show, not a huge visible difference but he looks better. Good job Bruce! He is a handsome Man.


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