Bubble Fingernails Are a Big Thing Right Now, Apparently

Fashion trends – sometimes, I find it really difficult to understand them, but they do happen over night and in most cases it seems that the craziest things become viral and trends and the whole world wants to follow them. It appears that the Bubble Fingernails is following the route – and I personally hope that they never become “the thing” because they look absolutely horrendous!

What’s the deal? Well, bubble fingernails are bulbous acrylic fingernails painted in a variety of (usually crazy and intense) colors and patterns: easy to see and difficult to forget. Apparently, the technique is being used since 2009, but for some reason it managed to become extremely popular nowadays. Hopefully it all fades away soon, because I personally consider them terrible.

The bubble fingernails did become viral on Instagram and you can check out a few examples for yourself below:

bubble fingernails 01

bubble fingernails 02

bubble fingernails 04

bubble fingernails 03

bubble fingernails 05

bubble fingernails 06

bubble fingernails 07

bubble fingernails 08

bubble fingernails 09

[photos from Instagram]

What do you think about the bubble fingernails? Do they look like something you’d like to try or see on your girlfriend or you consider them as hideous as I do (for the record: I really consider them extremely ugly and quite scary!)

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