Check Out the Amazing Kelpies, Scotland’s Largest Public Artworks

This one’s not only for those who love the Creepy Horse Mask, it’s a lot more as you will see in the images below!

The Kelpies are Scotland’s largest public artworks: two pretty neat looking horse head statues that are 100 ft tall and are part of The Helix, a parkland project in the Falkirk Council Area of Scotland. Created by artist Andy Scott, these horse head sculptures have nothing to do with the aforementioned masks, but are a monument to the horse powered heritage across Scotland. The Kelpie itself is a fantasy horse in the Scottish culture, possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses. Apparently it’s even bigger, if we are to judge from the photos above.

But enough talking about The Kelpies, let’s check them out because there’s a truly amazing view. It looks better in real life, but until you get to Scotland, this has to do!

the kelpies 01

the kelpies 02

the kelpies 03

the kelpies 04

the kelpies 05

the kelpies 06

the kelpies 07

the kelpies 08

the kelpies 09

the kelpies 10

If we have to use only one word to describe these works of art, that would definitely have to be magnificent!

Image Source: Facebook

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