Chocolate iPod Shuffle Cases Look Delicious

chocolate-ipod-casesI know you love your iPod Shuffle, but you will simply adore it (as well as everybody around you) if you decide to go for this awesome look and purchase a chocolate case for it!

The chocolate iPod Shuffle case is created by SwitchEasy and it is actually a silicon case, which is great since it means that, no matter how sweet it looks (and it does!), you’ll never get to consume it for real.

The cases are also quite affordable, costing $10 a piece. And except for looking awesome, these chocolate iPod Shuffle cases will actually protect your iPod of scratches, dust and other similar possible problems, while also giving a steady grip to everybody. The cases also come in three cases, each one looking more delicious and great than the other. The only problem for us right now – they’re only available in Japan.

Check them out in the image to the left and share a comment with us: which is your favorite?

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