Could You Live Without Money? Rachel Newby and Liam Culbertson Prove that It’s Possible

Nowadays, if you think about the idea of living without cash, you probably think immediately about odd tribes in the Amazon forests that had no contacts with civilization. But you’d be wrong as there are quite a few people living off the grid and trying to make it work without spending any money.

Australian couple Rachel Newby and Liam Culbertson decided to give living without spending any money for a year a try. They started their experiment in January 2015 and have been doing it since then – and they might keep doing it for longer because, well, they love it.

“Effectively, all of our time is free time because we get to decide how we spend it,” said Rachel – and this will probably make a few eyebrows raise.

Initially, I said to myself: “they’re just extremely lazy!” but I found out that the truth is completely different. They work a lot, they make a lot of sacrifices – at least by the norm of regular people living in the 21st century, and they don’t really have anything. But they are happy and I guess that is what matters the most!

They built the home they’re living in from scratch using recycled materials. The structure has been built on a friend’s farm in Victoria, Australia but it’s something that most of us wouldn’t call a house: the structure offers a living space of just 2.5 square meters (26 square feet) – so they’re definitely not spending too much time inside.

Instead, they grow their own crops – which proved to be a real challenge because the soil is really bad in the area, as well as own 5 ducks who provide them with eggs, but that’s usually not enough. So they are working hard for local farmers who, in return, give them food and yarn for clothes. However, they have to go sifting through dumpsters as well every now and then when things get rough.

In other words, they work incredibly hard for products – not money to buy the products, they live in a tiny house that doesn’t offer them too much protection from the elements, but they are happy. And this is what matters the most, in my opinion, even though I would certainly not be able to do it unless forced by the harshest of the circumstances.

What about you? Does the idea of living like Rachel Newby and Liam Culbertson, without any money, sound appealing to you or you could never give up your laptop and smartphone and Starbucks coffees and comfort of a real bed built in a real house? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to share this incredible story with your friends!

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