Cutest Images of the Smallest Monkeys in the World

If there is something in this world that makes us go “Aww” no matter what, then we’re certainly talking about small animals. It’s something about them that makes them cuter than anything on earth, even pink ponies. And we all know how cute pink ponies are!

But back to today’s topic – I am going to share with you some pictures of the cutest, smallest monkeys in the world who would definitely get an “Aww” even from a block of ice. These Pygmy Marmoset monkeys are the smallest in the world and adults are only 4-6 inches (around 13 cm) high, but their tail is just as long as their body and it’s used for balance. But we care less about the technical details, probably, so let’s check out some images of the smallest & cutest monkeys in the world!

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