Demi Moore’s Toothless Photo Is Here!

demi-moore-toothlessCelebrities are human, too – that obvious fact is starting to show more and more thanks to Twitter, where these celebrities post daily rants and pictures and so on.

Two of the most popular Twitter users are Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore and they keep amazing the public with the images they post.

Take Demi Moore for example, who posted a toothless picture of hers while at the dentist: a “no-makeup”, no glamor picture she took of herself, proving, as I said, that we’re all human after all. And no, she isn’t smoking hot – actually I wouldn’t even have guessed that’s Demi Moore if somebody showed me the picture – and she doesn’t care about that. Because it’s not all about the looks! Way to go, Demi!

Here is what she said on her Twitter profile: “Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility!!! Or at least be able to laugh at myself!”

Now we’re waiting for the “after” picture. Hopefully without the huge sunglasses, because there’s nothing to hide anymore, Demi, right?

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