Designer Surgical Masks Keep Swine Flu Away Fashionably

Following the swine flu outbreak, more and more people are going for surgical masks in hopes to minimize the risk of catching the cursed flu, but the classic white (or light blue) surgical mask seems now like a thing of the past, since new “designer” surgical masks are making their appearance to add some extra style on the faces of those who want some.

These Swine Flu surgical masks are, first of all, a proof that we can still humorously address to any issue, no matter how dangerous and scary it really is, and that is a good thing: we should never lose hope or our sense oh humor, because a happy and joyful person automatically draws the best energies around.

Below the advertisement you will find a collection of images presenting the designer surgical masks that keep the swine flu away in a fashionable and fun manner.

Here are the swine flu masks I was talking about. What do you think about them? Do you find them fashionable and nice? Would you wear one or you would rather stick to the classic look?


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