Fancy Some Incredibly Expensive Books?

expensive-collectible-booksWhen it comes to antiques and collectibles, even the prices of the books can go high in the sky: and I’m talking about thousands of Dollars for antique and collectible books. In other words: incredibly expensive books not anybody can purchase. But – would you purchase such books if you had the money? Because some of them seem to have an unjustified high price.

Just out of curiosity, I checked out Amazon and looked at some of the most expensive books out there. Leaving behind some recently released books that cost over $100,000 and other similar strange pricing stats, I found that the most expensive books put out on sale there are not really antiques or works from big huge writers. Check out the most expensive books on Amazon and tell me if (considering you had the money) you would’ve bought any of these titles. Oh, and as a funny note, some of these incredibly expensive books have up on sale other editions or formats that cost thousands of Dollars less!

1. On the origin of species by means of natural selection, or The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life – by Charles Darwin, this is the most expensive listing in the list, with an incredible price of $10,975 for a used copy! Although we could agree that this particular edition is indeed a collectible, over 10 grand for it seems awfully expensive!

2. Mind Alive Encyclopedia – for “just” $9,999 you will get this otherwise incredible collection of magazines published by CBS that later turned into a real Encyclopedia. We’re talking about thousands of pages and hundreds of images released over a period of 10 years. Impressive, but a “bit” too expensive!

3. Foreign exchange by Albert C Whitaker is number free, costing $9,564. I tried to find out some details about this book but it appears that nobody has them. Maybe that’s why it’s so expensive in the first place – the seller probably hopes somebody is curious enough to get it.

4. The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia comes close at number four, the collection costing no less than $9,500 to purchase. This is indeed an 18 volumes [!!!] encyclopedia published almost 200 years ago, which makes this particular listing probably the only one that should really cost that much!

5. Dot and Will at home by Fannie Kilbourne comes at number five with an incredible price of $9,269 for three pages! I don’t know what jewels of literature are hidden there, but they’d better be good. I also have absolutely no details about this work, but I did manage that Fannie was an actress that started her career with the “hit” flick Girls Men Forget. Seems like the title was ironically correct in her case!

6. The History of Civilization: A Complete History of Mankind from Prehistoric Times – already outdated, this encyclopedia comes with a discount of $2,943, costing “only” $7,957. Even though it’s not exactly something we could call the “deal of the day” and even though we’re talking about a more recent edition (and not the original release), it’s probably a nice thing to own. If you REALLY have nothing else to spend your money on!

7. The string glove mystery by Harriette Russell Campbell is another relatively unknown book that finds its way into the list of most expensive books on However, about this novel I found out a few details: it appears that it’s a very well written mystery story that keeps you hooked up til the end. However, since it’s $7,315, we might never find out who the murderer was…

8. The conduct of life (Emerson’s works) by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a quite amusing entry that costs $7,018. IF you want to purchase the used (and apparently original) copy. If you’re not that picky, you can get it at different prices, from 80 cents on Kindle to less than $30 on a more recent reprint. It’s your choice! (as if there’s any!)

9. The other house by Henry James – another collectible that would set you back $6,500, but which could be also purchased for less than $40 dollars. And yet another tricky pick.

10. Beryl’s husband [microform]: A novel by Harriet Lewis. A second entry of a “Harriet” in our listing, this time a really old copy that deserves it’s place here. And if we are to look at the previous book listings, the cost of $3,995 doesn’t seem much at all. Yet again, if we are to check our wallets, things might change drastically.

So… here they are! Some of the most insanely priced books on – some of them indeed antiques or at least collectibles, but some strange entries in the world of literature. Either way, the question remains: if you had the money, would you consider purchasing them?

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