Fans of the Lord of the Rings Series Can Now Visit the Real Hobbiton

We’ve already talked about fairy tale cottages that are real, but these are singular examples and some might want to get to experience larger fantasy locations. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings series, then I have some really good news for you: Hobbiton, the place where the hobbits in the movie live in does exist! And not only it exists, but anybody can visit it! How cool is that?

The original Hobbiton village was built in New Zealand in 1999 for the filming of the original LOtR trilogy and was later rebuilt in 2011 for the filming of the Hobbit trilogy. And it hasn’t been taken down since: instead it was turned into an amazing attraction that everybody can visit: the Hobbiton Movie Set.

The attraction features hobbit holes, gardens, bridge, Mill and The Green Dragon Inn and is situated in the heart of the Waikato region, a 45 minutes drive away from major cities like Hamilton, Tauranga or Rotorua. And I personally consider it a must visit for everybody that visits New Zealand, no matter if they are fans of the fantasy series or not.

Take a look at these Hobbiton photos and you’ll know why you have to go there:

hobbiton real new zealand 01

hobbiton real new zealand 02

hobbiton real new zealand 03

hobbiton real new zealand 04

hobbiton real new zealand 05

hobbiton real new zealand 06

hobbiton real new zealand 07

hobbiton real new zealand 08

So don’t forget, if you ever get the chance to visit New Zealand, make sure to visit this one of a kind attraction. And let all your friends who would like to visit Middle Earth know about it!

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