Funniest Dog Costumes in the World

OK, so you are trying to dress up your dog and would like the little fella’s costume to be really funny? The thing is that other people had the same dream and you can see the results below, in our gallery of Funniest Dog Costumes in the World. Enjoy!

These costumes are obviously perfect for the upcoming Halloween celebrations, but we all just know that they are just way too cute and they’ll surely become regular costumes for all events that your dog takes part to.

Batman dog costume creates… the BatDog!

Spider dog costume – if you’re more afraid of spiders than dogs, this helps

Knight funny dog costume

Funny Monkey Dog costume

Airplane Funny Dog costume

Superdog Funny dog costume

Master Yoda Dog costume

Darth Vader Funny dog costume

Wonder Woman Funny dog costume

Headless Horseman dog costume

The Lion dog costume

Mighty Pirate dog costume

Would you dress up your dog in any of these costumes? No matter what your answer is, don’t forget to share this article with your friends, it’s just one click away!

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