Girls Beware: The Dissolving Bathing Suit Exists!

The Germans have invented something really awkward: a dissolving bathing suit, a bikini that simply disappears after it gets into contact with water.

Of course it will be a very appreciated product by pranksters worldwide and the unexpected guests who will see the results, but it is very possible that the girls wearing the dissolving swimsuit won’t be too happy.

But that is life and they probably deserve such a bad thing, right?

So… what is this dissolving bathing suit after all? Well, a swimsuit that feels and looks like any regular bikini out there (however, not extremely good looking) but it has a little twist: after 3 minutes of contact with water, it will fall to pieces, leaving the owner without a stitch of clothes on. Ouch!

Therefore, it would be nice to offer a word of advice for girls: if you suddenly start receiving bathing suits from boyfriends you have dumped in the past or from people you did many wrongs, please wash the bikinis before wearing them, otherwise you might see them turn into some dissolving bathing suits.

And for boys: keep on trying! There are many safer ways in the world to get your revenge!

However, if you want the dissolving bathing suit no matter what, you can purchase them for just 9.99 € (about $14)

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