Gorenje Retro Funky Fridges Bring Your Kitchen to Life

gorenje-retro-fridges-funky-thumbAlthough not very popular up here in the West, Gorenje is an amazing refrigerator manufacturer and their products are of the highest standards possible (and I certainly know since it’s a Gorenje fridge cooling my food in the kitchen right now).

Now the company will certainly start to appeal to even more people with their funky colorful retro fridge line you can check out in the images below.

Coming with A+ or A++ energy ratings (meaning that they are the most effective refrigerators), the Gorenje retro-funky fridges have both single and double-door models, fit for every need. And don’t let the retro touch fool you: these Gorenje retro fridges are quite ahead of their time, with LED and sound alarm if temperature inside the fridge is too low, FastFreeze and SuperCool functions and much more!

Not to mention the fact that they look simply amazing with those great colors!


You can try and search for some Gorenje products on Amazon, but I doubt they offer any…

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