Here Are 20 Amazing Spooky Halloween Decorations You Could Own Right Now

You were probably thinking that it’s time to spice up your Halloween decoration set this year. And even if you didn’t, you will surely change your mind now after checking out these 20 amazingly spooky Halloween decorations that are just one click away from being yours, just in time for this year’s Halloween celebrations and just seconds away from turning your Halloween house into the one your guests (and the entire neighborhood) will envy.

These are brand new figurines and we truly hope that you will find them just as amazing as we did when we decided to select them from hundreds of similarly spooky but not as great Halloween decorations for your house.

Spooky Halloween Clown

01 spooky clown

You don’t have to be afraid of clowns to be spooked out by this creepy clown decoration for Halloween! Bonus: it’s hand crafted, hand painted and it’s pretty cheap! Check it out here.

Scary Skeleton Skull Trio

02 scary skeleton trio

Another insanely creepy decoration that’s perfect for your home on Halloween (or as an year-long decoration if you are Dracula). Who needs the monkeys, when we have this skeleton trio to see the evil, hear the evil and speak the evil? Click here to check it out.

Love Never Dies

03 love never dies

Oh, this is actually an insanely beautiful Halloween decoration and I will sure use it to pleasantly surprise my wife. A great message too, despite its spookiness! Amazon is the place where you can get this great item.

Skull Candy Bowl

04 skull candy

It’s time to throw that pumpkin-shaped candy bowl away and replace it right now with this amazing Skull candy bowl. Get it here.

TINK or Treat Figurine

05 tink or treat

OK, if you really need some cutesy pumpkin for Halloween, then you will definitely have to go for this Tink pumpkin. Tink or Treat? The kids will love it. And it’s still available on Amazon.

Bone To Rock Halloween Decoration

06 bone to rock

If you’re all about cheesy puns, the Bone to Rock decoration is what you need. And some whiskey in the jar-o! You can find both here.

Headless Rider

07 headless rider

What would happen if the Headless rider would steal your Halloween pumpkin? This decoration! Pretty cool, if you ask me – so click here to get it!

Graveyard Tree

08 ghoulish tree

The Ghoulish and Grimacing Haunted Resin Painted Graveyard Tree is spooky enough for every Halloween house. Do your daughter a nice surprise this Halloween and place it inside her doll house. She will love you for that. Bonus: The coffin’s door closes and opens. Get it here.

Black Cat on Pumpkins

09 cat deco

The LED lights make this decoration even better in my opinion. Plus the fact that the pumpkins look far better than anything I could carve. If you agree, click here to check them out.

Spookytown This Way Decoration

10 spooketown

For some reason, I think that the text should’ve been orange instead of green. For some reason, I still like this decoration a lot. Available on Amazon.

Village Boneyard Lantern Lights

11 boneyard lantern

If hand crafted hands holding spooky lanterns are your thing, we’ve got you covered. In skeleton heads. Here.

Village Tombstones

12 village tombstones

Six great mini tombstones (not for your yard!). They’re just one inch tall, but we know it’s not the size that matters, right? And they’re instantly available here.

Black Cat with Bat

13 cat with bat halloween figurine

Number 13 on this list AND a black cat? Spooky! And despite the fact that the cat itself looks a bit high on candy, I still love it. Probably you will too. Check it out in detail here.

Resting My Bones Halloween Decoration

14 resting my bones

After a lot of trick or treating, you have to rest your bones. So does the guy you can get with this really nice Halloween figurine. The pumpkins and lamp light up, too, for a complete experience! Click here to check it out.

Halloween Ravens

15 halloween ravens

What’s spookier than a raven on a pumpkin for Halloween? More ravens and more pumpkins! Follow this link and you will get to them!

Skeleton Halloween Figurine

16 halloween skeleton figurine

This one looks a bit like a Halloween-themed Lego figurine. And I love Lego! Do you? Click here to visit the Amazon page of this figurine and if you can resist the urge to get it, you win free candy. On Halloween. From your friends. Probably.

Stormy Night Tree

17 spooky tree

You won’t have a perfect set of Halloween decorations if you don’t have a spooky tree. Get this one to solve the problem.

Haunted Church

18 haunted church

I guess that nothing’s more Halloweeny (is that a word?) than a haunted church. Especially when it lights up to spook up the caramel candies out of you. You can get it here.

Halloween Water Tower

19 halloween water tower

I have a suggestions for all cities and towns and villages out there: if you have a Water Tower, for Halloween, turn it into THIS water tower. You’d certainly have my vote!

The Grim Reaper

20 grim reaper

You can’t have a proper Halloween celebration without the Grim Reaper, can you? Get this one and you’ll have the spookiest one in town!

I really hope that you will find on the above list at least one amazing Halloween decoration to make your own this year. I certainly want them all!

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