Here Is How Disney Princesses Would Look Like if They Were Different Races

There has been some talk lately about Disney and racial diversity in their cartoons – but we won’t go there yet because such talk makes no sense. However, an artist decided to give it a try and show the world how Disney princesses would’ve looked like if they were of different races. To put it short: they would still look absolutely amazing.

Here’s for a mixture of nostalgia and amazement – 9 beloved Disney princesses shown to us a bit differently:

Snow White

01 snow white

02 snow white


03 jasmine

04 jasmine


05 cinderella

06 cinderella


07 tiana


08 megara

09 megara


10 pocahontas


11 belle


12 show white


13 ariel

[source: Let there be doodles]

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