How to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla [Six Tips you MUST Know]

You’ve always dreamt about the day he would ask you and he finally did. You enjoy the engagement for a while but the wedding planning starts to slowly take over your life.

Stress is part of this planning and it might make you feel overwhelmed at some point. This is of course normal but you have to find the strength to keep it together and continue with the wonderful work you are already doing to avoid losing the plot.

So, here is some advice that I hope will be of help in avoiding becoming Bridezilla:

1. Don’t make every conversation about your wedding

It is natural to be happy about this big event in your life and to share some of the plans with those around you, but don’t overdo it. If you are in a group of people where weddings are not of particular interest, don’t start driving them crazy with your wedding plans. They might not appreciate it.

2. Don’t spend all your money on the dress


Despite the fact that the wedding dress is usually the most important thing for a bride, spending all your money on a dress will ruin your budget. Remember the groom needs to wear something too and you will also need jewelry and shoes for the wedding.

3. Don’t drive your bridesmaids crazy

The poor women are there to help you, there’s no point in nagging them all the time. If things aren’t done the way you want them to be done, be nice about it and explain nicely that you would prefer things a certain way. Don’t kill their joy with “You’ll do this because I said so”.

4. Be considerate

If one of your bridesmaids tells you she is not comfortable with wearing a certain length of the dress or a strapless one, find a way to compromise. Put yourself in her shoes and you will see what she means.

5. Take time off

Go to the spa, get a massage, go out with the girls, take your future husband out to dinner. There are so many ways to enjoy the engagement and relax that it would be a shame to let all the stress of the wedding planning get to you.

angry bridezilla

6. Ask for help

It is ok to admit you are overwhelmed. There is no shame in that. So, don’t be afraid to say “I can’t do it, this is too much for me” or “I need your help”. You are only human too. Just say these magic words and you will see people will gather around you to give you a hand, just don’t be afraid to take it.

Weddings are an important step in everybody’s lives be it the first, second or 4th wedding. Everybody feels overwhelmed when they plan their own wedding and a helping hand would be greatly appreciated. You can take my advice and follow these steps to ease the tension or choose your own ways to avoid being a bridezilla.

In the end, do what you can to keep your sanity and avoid becoming that type of bride people run away from. This is such a beautiful and important moment of your life that it would be a shame to stress so much over it and miss out on all the emotions of the event.

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