How to Make an Exploding Drink with Mentos and Coke

explosive-drink-from-wiredThe folks over at Wired’s How To decided to teach all prank-master wannabes lesson in style: a practical and really easy to make dirty prank, involving the “classic” mix of Coke and Mentos.

The result is an incredibly “exploding“ drink that might turn around a boring party.

In order to prepare the prank, you will need the following: Diet Coke (since it’s not sticky because it has no sugar), one pack Mentos candy (mint) and some whiskey. Also, an ice tray, fresh water and time to make the ice is needed.

How to prepare the “exploding” Mentos and Coke mix?

Well, fill the ice-tray so that each section is filled by half only and put it in the freezer. When the ice is done, put a Mentos candy above the ice cubes and fill the tray once more and freeze again.

Now, whenever somebody will want a drink, give them the whiskey and Coke mix and offer some ice cubes. To make everything seem authentic, you should mix the following: 8 oz. of Diet Coke and 2 oz whiskey. You could also add in some Vermouth, but that’s optional.

And don’t forget about the ice: when it melts and the candy meets the Coke, it will erupt like a volcano. But everybody will laugh madly (except for the unlucky guy who wanted the drink).

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