How Today’s Big Celebrities Looked Like When They Were Kids

Today they are the most famous, best known and most loved celebrities out there, but most of them were regular kids like you and me. And, if we are to be honest, very few showed signs that they’ll become the superstars of today. However, they made it and transformed into some of the most appreciated celebrities on the planet.

Here is how today’s celebrities looked like when they were kids:

Angelina Jolie kid vs. adult

Brad Pitt kid vs. adult

Arnold Schwarzenegger kid vs. adult

Britney Spears kid vs. adult

Marilyn Manson kid vs. adult

Eminem kid vs. adult

Freddie Mercury kid vs. adult

Jennifer Aniston kid vs. adult

Jennifer Lopez kid vs. adult

John Travolta kid vs. adult

Leonardo Di Caprio kid vs. adult

Madonna kid vs. adult

Robert de Niro kid vs. adult

Tom Cruise kid vs. adult

What do you think about their transformations?

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