Is Beyonce Pregnant? Her Instagram Photo Seems to Say So

It often happens for celebrities to go to the social media for important announcements in their lives and Beyonce might have just jumped on that wagon after posting a photo on Instagram that sparked a lot of debates on whether or not Beyonce is pregnant again. And judging from the photo itself, it sure looks like the former Destiny’s Child singer might want to tell us something that only the 1,000 words of an image can.

Beyonce posted an image on Instagram (seen below) showing herself buried in the sand. But one element sparked all the debates: her tummy! The shape of it sure looks like a baby bump and it might be just that and Blue Ivy Carter, her first child, might be pretty excited about getting a brother or sister (or both) from Beyonce and Jay-Z. Of course, it could be nothing but the shape created by the kids and nothing more but still…

beyonce pregnant 2015

Check out the image multiple times: the photo that Beyonce posted and see for yourself that it indeed looks like a baby announcement!

So… is Beyonce really pregnant again? The 33-years old singer gave birth to her first child three years ago and it might be the time for another member in the family! And it seems that most of her fans believe the same. Below are some tweets by fans of the singer after seeing her Instagram picture:

“I think BeyoncĂ© is pregnant again,” wrote @BryannaThomas

“BeyoncĂ© please just tell us if you are pregnant. That Instagram post is too suspect,” wrote @I_amKhosiNkosi

Unfortunately, there were no extra comments from the singer or her staff, so right now all we have is the image that you can see above and our gut feeling that Beyonce might indeed be pregnant again.

What do you think though? Is that Instagram image Beyonce’s way of announcing that she’s pregnant again or that’s nothing but the result of children playing with sand?

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