Is This the Most Amazing First Wedding Dance EVER?

We’ve seen all kinds of amazing first dances at weddings and we certainly enjoyed them: the surprises, the fun, the funny and so on. But what about that time when two people who are not professional dancers, decide to create a truly awesome first wedding dance that would probably be a challenge for the most skilled dancers?

Well, that’s when you get an absolutely amazing first wedding dance!

It’s the case of Frankie and Ryan who chose to dance on the amazing Benny Goodman song “Sing, sing, sing” and they brought on all the style.

From classy moves to really difficult ones, sprinkled through an act of awesomeness, this video made me bow at the end. And I was up from my chair, trying to do a little bear dance of my own.

Check out the most amazing First Wedding Dance EVER below (again, I must say that these guys are NOT professional dancers!):

Congrats, Frankie and Ryan!

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