Jessica Simpson’s Fat Problem: She’s a Huge Mama

Apparently pregnancies can have some terrible effects even on some of the most beautiful and fit persons in the world, as is the case of Jessica Simpson who simply doesn’t seem to be able to get back to her former looks after giving birth a couple of months ago.

Even though many would argue that it’s still early for her to start losing weight, many people are already keeping an eye on Jessica Simpson and her incredible size, laughing at the fact that she’s now so fat. Because people are mean and they love to make fun of people who are suffering.

But personally, even though I can’t say I am too keen on watching Jessica Simpson at her current weight, I am sure that the big mama will manage to lose all that extra weight and become once again the nice diva that we all knew. Until then, she looks like you can see for yourself in the pictures below:

So… how long do you think it will take Jessica Simpson to lose all that fat?

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