Kim Yu Na Better Because of Plastic Surgery?

kimyu01We’ve talked about Kim Yu Na on EverythingMixed, but this amazingly talented girl keeps making the headlines. The latest gossip is related to plastic surgery and Kim Yu Na (or Yu Na Kim, as you prefer) and there are a few theorems regarding this issue.

The first one, and highly understandable, refers to the skater’s perfect beauty and therefore there are many people who wonder if the Olympian Kim Yu Na has undergone plastic surgery to improve her looks.

Have in mind that this is just a rumor and there are no hints pointing towards a possible plastic surgery made by Kim Yu Na!

The second one refers to the girl’s arm length, which is considered to be a bit bigger than the usual length. A plastic surgeon, Dr Chung Jae-young, said: “Normally, the length of your arms stretched out matches your height.

But for Kim, the length of both arms plus her shoulder width, which is 46cm, is almost 180 cm. Her arms are very long”

However, people just got it wrong – he did not say that Kim Yu Na and plastic surgery are friends (like Bruce Jenner and plastic surgery, for example), he simply said that because of her long arms, her moves look even more elegant and soft.

Therefore, for everybody who was hoping to find anything but talent and natural beauty in Kim Yu Na, I am sorry to disappoint: there’s no plastic surgery involved, whatsoever! Even with the following image comparison in the image (click to enlarge), which clearly presents Kim Yu Na younger and without tons of makeup on!

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