Meet Madalina Ghenea (Photos), Gerard Butler’s Girlfriend

Madalina Ghenea seems to be the most popular Romanian chick of the moment, as the model slash actress became the girlfriend of Gerard Butler, after spending some time in the company of Leonardo di Caprio.

The star devourer is a 25 years old Romanian that moved recently to Milan, Italy and starred already in two Italian movies, as well as the catwalk of different big cities on the fashion map.

But we care about these details of Madalina Ghenea the least – and since we can’t beat the likes of Leonardo di Caprio or Gerard Butler when it comes to having her, we can at least enjoy some photos and be envious.

Yes, that we can do! So here are the hot Madalina Ghenea photos you all came to see:

Surely makes me consider investing in a trip to Romania! What about you? Maybe there are some Madalinas left there, ha!

3 thoughts on “Meet Madalina Ghenea (Photos), Gerard Butler’s Girlfriend”

  1. She’s not popular at all! She only gets talked about because she posts constantly on her FB all kind of pictures and comments to imply her supposed BF is somewhere when he’s not. If it wasn’t for him, she’d still be a nobody. Seriously have you seen her acting? She can’t even do a sexy striptease. There are women in Gerard Butler’s life 100 times hotter than her and with more talent and personality so people should already stop talking about her. Have you seen her before pictures? Long before the plastic surgery she got in her early 20ies? She looked better. Now she just looks weird. Whoever heard of having plastic surgery in your 20ies when there is nothing wrong with your natural looks. In her attempts to look like Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie and Bianca Christians, she’s a pale shadow of those women with real talent and natural beauty and that she should be compared to any of them is an insult to those women who became famous by working hard to get where they are. I’m not jealous of her looks as they are not natural. I’m not even jealous of her dating Gerard Butler as there are guys out there who are better boyfriends than him but I don’t like that she puts out there rumors that she got that role in the commercial by sleeping with him. He has worked hard to get where he is presently in his career and he doesn’t need some tattlemouth to tarnish his reputation. A good girlfriend who would really love him would keep her mouth shut as she’s not singing she’s in love but that being with him is “work work work!” Really the guy can do better anytime! I doubt he and Leonardo Di Caprio are at odds over that thing.

    • lol calm down lady, you’re making up stuff as you write it! she never mentioned Butler until a week ago when she admitted to how he visited her in France (couldn’t deny it since there were pictures of it)
      and for your information, she really WAS popular in Europe from before any Leo or Gerard cam into the picture. So shut your big mouth please :)


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