Molecular Gastronomy, the Evolution of Gastronomy?

molecular-gastronomyvagueMolecular gastronomy appears to be the future of gastronomy and overall an important up and coming science to keep us healthy and ready to fight against the tons of toxins our bodies are bombarded with everyday.

Let’s see first what is molecular gastronomy!

Molecular gastronomy is a type of food science that studies both physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking in order to enhance the processes of cooking and food safety from home to restaurants and mass production.

There are basically three objectives of the molecular gastronomy in terms of studying the processes, according to Hervé This:

1. The social phenomena linked to culinary activity;
2. The artistic component of culinary activity;
3. The technical component of culinary activity;

This means that molecular gastronomy deals with the more technical part of cooking. They study how ingredients in our food can be changed by cooking them differently, how the release of the aroma of different foods influence the way we taste the food, how different cooking methods affect both the flavor and the texture of foods and much more.

However, even though molecular gastronomy appeared four decades ago, it is still early to consider it a well established, full of answers type of science. But at least the people are trying and our senses can surely thank them for that!

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